Coffee Shop Philippines – Caffe di Vita

Coffee Shop Philippines – Caffe di Vita

What is Caffe di Vita?

Caffe Di Vita is located at the Ground floor level of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Sta. Mesa, Manila. In the shop, we offer hot and cold coffee drinks, gourmet sandwiches, and ice blended coolers.

Our farmers handpicked the coffee beans with the best level of commitment to bring you the best coffee and pastry you deserve.

We, at Caffe di Vita, ensures that all of our products are carefully packed and served and stays true to its word of being one of the best coffee shops in Manila.

We only have one philosophy: to make our customers happy with our handpicked products.

Our coffee doesn’t just make you survive the day, we make sure that you enjoy it.

Joe Sip Premium Coffee – Best locally outsourced coffee beans

What better way to start your day right than to wake up with a smell of fresh coffee is a comforting cup of coffee?
Blended with the best ground coffee locally sourced from the regions known to provide the best-tasting coffee, our Joe Sip Premium Coffee can calm you down from the pressure and stress of the day ahead.

We have two delightful flavors available: Joe Sip French Roast Robusta Ground Coffee and Joe Sip Premium Espresso Blend Ground Coffee.

If you need an energy booster,  just one cup of any of the two premium coffee flavors can fill your cravings and provide you with the energy you need.

Having troubles choosing what to drink between the two? Let us walk you through!

If you prefer a mixture of bitterness and sweetness in your drink, then you might want to try Joe Sip French Roast Robusta Ground Coffee. With its rich flavor and well-balanced blend, even new coffee drinkers will enjoy its natural taste!

Looking for a mix of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans? Joe Sip Premium Espresso Blend Ground Coffee gives out two tasty flavors in just one mixture.

The Best Cafe in Manila is More Than Just Great Coffee

Caffe di Vita offers more than just great coffee. Our offerings range from your favorite flavors of refreshing drinks to appetizing sandwiches.

Get a refreshing pearl shakes with flavors like ube, leche flan, and quezo real. We also have ice blended mocha, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Fan of berry fruit flavors? Our Italian sodas are readily available just for you.

Lastly, fight the heat with delicious lemon coolers partnered with flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

To fully satisfy your cravings, gourmet sandwiches are also in store to make your meals complete.

Whatever you feel like having for the day, there are lots of flavors up for grab.

Whether you’re brewing a pot of our popular Joe Sip Coffee or choosing from any of our sandwich variants, all we want is for you to love every minute of it!

Top Coffee Shop in the Philippines? You Decide!

Enjoy the top quality of organic coffee and experience extra flavors of snacks from one of the best coffee shops in Manila. Visit our store or order from our coffee grounds below!


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